How we began..

A little tidbit about me and how Ear Suspenders came to be.

Hello my name is Ahavah (pronounced Ah-va) and I am the owner and creator of Ear Suspenders. In the late winter of 2015 my 9 week old son received his first pair of hearing aids. We were filled with excitement and worry to start this new journey with our son. We immediately felt the immense pressure of keeping those tiny little hearing devices from getting lost or damaged. I scoured the internet to look for retention options for my son but I just did not feel comfortable with what I call dental-floss-cords near my newborns neck. I decided to create my own version of a corded shirt clip by using soft corded fabric and a great big adjustable button to help reduce cord slack around the neck. I thought they looked like little suspenders for the ears and named my business "Ear Suspenders". I began selling this design on etsy and my store took off in small leaps. When my son turned one years old we transitioned to Cochlear Implants and my anxiety and frustration was at its height. Shirt clips were now useless and so my focus shifted to headbands to take the weight of my sons little ears. I went through dozens of headband prototypes and all of them were only temporarily relief until the elastic lost its firmness and slid down over my sons eyes. I was getting closer to a solution with silicone lined elastic but even those lost its stretch and it would need to be resewn to fit my sons head. At this time, I had mapped out the ideal retention headband in my head and patiently waited for my custom materials to arrive. To my dismay, the headband design was not a suitable size for cochlear implants but I tried them out on my sons old hearing aids and I knew at that moment that this product was going to change the game in hearing aid retention for young children. The silicone grip elastic, adjustable floating silicone sleeves and adjustable elastic buckle for sizing became the perfect combination for the ultimate retention headband. I eventually went on to create a Cochlear implant headband that my son still uses to this day and changed the focus of my store to sell these amazing headbands.

Our mission is to create products that work for all types of hearing loss and devices. Whether you or your child wears hearing aids, cochlear implants, or one of each.... we have options for that! We hope that our product can help more families become successful with supporting their child's hearing loss journey.

Hearing Success starts with Ear Suspenders!

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